Hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o_o mai name iz Pooly D, I am created by DylPool, who is not a rip off of Deadpool. The reason im gonna be breaking da fourth wall iz because i can. Well anyway theres not much to say about me, im a  badass (also Dylpool has no knoledge of MLP whatsoever) so im gonna make stuff up.

D_Pooly (Pooly_D)
Pooly D, The Pony with a mouth
Vital statistics
Position Right behind you
Age old enough
Status Still badass
Physical attributes
Height Big
Weight And large


Reedman211 = A rock farmer.

All your OC's = Except the Yeti Ling and Eternus, they attempted to kill me for being a pain in the [Removed By Reedman211]

Powers and Abillitys

  • Peak Pony Strength, I am at my best and will always be at my best.
  • Healing Factor, I you try to kill me dont even try. I'll just magically heal.
  • Chemical Resistance, I am able to sniff as much Sugar as i want without overdosing like Pinkie Pie.
  • Mind Reader, mhm.
  • Loads of speed, stamina, strength, ect.

My only weakness is being annoying as hell.